Award Winning Complete Home Remodeling 

Greggs Service Company offers a wide array of solutions to your home remodeling needs! We are a complete home remodeling company who creates with passion and hard, honest work!

Back patio complete addition

Exterior Painting & Remodeling

Here in Texas, we are blessed with sunny weather most days than not, and that's why adding an outdoor patio has become one of our favorite projects! Family, fun, and a big open space to soak up that Texas sun! From outdoor patio additions to painting and retouching wear and tears, we do it all!

Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodeling

We understand that your bathroom is a sacred place, and that's why we take our time and dedicate ourselves on becoming experts at bathroom remodeling. All for your joy and comfort!

Bathroom Remodel

Kitchen Remodeling

We have years of experience in the kitchen, and not exactly cooking. Innovating and collaborating ideas with our clients for their kitchen remodeling needs truly excites us. Our kitchens are a huge part of our daily lives, (just as our bathrooms) and we intend to see that you are a happy cook! Kitchen renovations are our most common request, and we happily accept!